Principal's Message

India has undergone comprehensive development in many socio-economic aspects in the last 30 years, emerging from an agriculture economy to a flourishing modern state, embracing the heritage, traditions and culture that shaped its strength and purpose while adapting to state of the art technology.

At JDKDES Public School Ch. Dadri, our aim is to provide an enriching curriculum in a conducive learning environment that will prepare students for success while at school and for the years beyond school. The world class facilities in this beautiful campus with an efficient administrative back-up and a team of competent, passionate teachers substantiate our commitment to quality. We are committed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. While we accord priority to academic excellence, we also lay strong emphasis on the wholesome development of our students by achieving a balance between the academic, physical and artistic pursuits. We have high expectations for our students. Therefore our endeavor is to ensure that our students are endowed with effective skills to face the challenges of life beyond school and that they contribute to society while working for their individual success. There is a certain sense of satisfaction and pride in acknowledging that JDKDES Public School, Ch. Dadri has taken rapid strides to establish itself as the leading CBSE school for childs in Ch. Dadri. This exciting journey has been marked by a period of visionary planning, sustained hard work, an exposition of talent and a clear focus on the vision and mission of the school. Parents’ active participation is essential to our success. A strong partnership among parents, students and teachers helps students reach their potential and make them aspire for goals of excellence. In order to achieve these goals, we realize that we need full support from all our stakeholders. As a result, our collaborative efforts at Dadri Education Society continue to strengthen this partnership to help our students become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow, equipped with the skills to learn and to adapt in an ever-changing world.
Shri. Ramesh Ji
JDKDES Public School